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How much does it cost to build a wind farm? How long can I get it back?

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As for the cost of a wind power station, the key depends on the scale. The larger the scale, the higher the corresponding cost. Taking 50MW wind farm as an example, the estimated cost is about 450 million to 500 million, and the construction cost may vary greatly in different places. The specific components of the cost are as follows.

1、 Preliminary works of the project. The preliminary works of the project include construction land cost, construction power supply, construction water supply project, large equipment mobilization cost, etc., which accounts for about 1% of the total investment, and the corresponding cost is about 5 million.

2、 Equipment purchase cost. Equipment purchase cost is the most important cost of wind power station, which accounts for 70% ~ 85% of the total cost. The key depends on what kind of equipment you purchase. We take a compromise value of 78%.

These equipment costs include wind turbine, tower, unit transformer, overhead line, cable line, distribution device, reactive power compensation device, occupied power system, power cable, etc.

Among them, the cost of power generation equipment is the most expensive, and the cost of wind turbine accounts for at least 80% of the cost of equipment. The reason why the cost of wind turbine is very high is that it uses a special material. At present, most of the blades of wind power station are made of reinforced fiber reinforced plastic, and they are formed at one time, so the cost is very high. At present, the cost of single blade is very high The cost of the film is about 1 million to 2 million. The key depends on the diameter.

In addition, the tower and other equipment account for about 20% of the equipment cost. After comprehensive calculation, the total equipment cost of a 50 MW wind power station is about 400 million yuan, equivalent to about 8000 yuan per kilowatt.

3、 Installation cost. In fact, the installation cost is relatively large. There are many items that need to be expended. Specifically, the installation cost is divided into several parts.

1. Site installation fee. The site installation cost includes wind turbine unit installation, tower installation, unit transformer installation, etc., which accounts for about 4% to 6%. There is a big gap between different regions. For example, the same is hoisting. In some places, the annual package cost is only 24 million, and in some places, the annual package cost may be 2 million, About 8 million. If it's a single hoisting machine, it may need about 500000. We will take a compromise value of 5% in terms of its proportion in the total cost. After calculation, the installation cost of 50 MW power station is about 25 million yuan.

2. Booster station installation. The installation cost of booster station mainly includes the installation of main transformer and distribution equipment, which accounts for about 1% of the total cost, equivalent to about 5 million for the installation cost of 50 MW wind power station.

4、 Civil Engineering Civil engineering also involves a lot of contents, including site leveling engineering, road traffic engineering, housing construction engineering, wind turbine and tower unit foundation engineering, box transformer foundation engineering, grounding engineering, main transformer, foundation engineering, electrical equipment, foundation engineering, power distribution equipment, construction engineering, etc. These civil engineering projects account for about 10% of the budget cost, equivalent to 50 MW wind power plant civil engineering cost is about 50 million.

5、 External access fee. After the wind power station is built, you will not be successful. You have to send the power to the outside or connect to the grid. You need to pay for the construction. The total construction cost of these transmission lines accounts for about 5% ~ 10%, depending on the length of the lines. This means that the cost of 50 MW external lines is about 50 million to 100 million.

6、 Other expenses Other expenses include supervision fee, inspection fee, insurance fee, mobilization fee and so on. These miscellaneous expenses account for about 5% of the total investment, which is equivalent to 50 MW wind power plant. The miscellaneous expenses are about 30 million yuan. Of course, the costs listed above are only a general cost. The construction costs of different projects are different in different regions due to different environments and different distances. But generally speaking, the construction cost of a wind power station is about 9000 yuan to 11000 yuan per kilowatt. Thus, the single construction cost of 1.5MW wind power plant is about 13.5 million to 17 million, and it may reach more than 20 million in some remote areas.

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